Small, but Mighty!

Another small but mighty class! The kids had so much energy at the start of class, so I quickly shifted gears into movements songs and we spent most of our time standing up! Once I got them to focus I had them sit and really exercise their patience by bringing out the ball, the number of the week, and the instrument of the week, as we practiced our sharing! We had an extra long jam session, and I could see the parents really enjoying themselves as well. We’re on the verge of families attending for their 3rd time, so I really hope the CD gets them excited about the classes to come!

Walk, Walk, Walk, and Stop!

Our class was small today but it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Because it was only a brother-sister duo and their mom, the kids felt comfortable and weren’t afraid to really join in and participate! And because they were much older, we had lots of fun with activities, such as sharing the instrument of the week and the number of the week, where we got to practice our numbers and colours. The biggest hit was the movement songs Walk, Walk, Walk, and Stop, and The Bicycle Song, where we did lots of running and stopping in unison. The centre staff assured me next week would have a bigger turnout since the long weekend just ended, so I’m sure next class will be even better!

New Beginnings

Today was a hit! Our first class had many smiles and lots of participation. I was anxious because this was a new location, but I was so impressed by how well received the class was. Despite it being the first day, many of the moms participated and followed the sign language right away. Even the kids were following along – they were very excited for jam time with the instruments and even more excited for the parachute. I can’t wait to incorporate more activities and even showcase instruments of the week as the session continues.

Excited for what’s ahead!