Ending on a High Note!

Today was our final class of the session at Birkdale. Parents for all of the kids stuck around to sing, dance, and thoroughly enjoy themselves and their kids. We did all the classic favourites, including Roly Poly, Wake Up My Hands, Wheels On The Bus and Old MacDonald. Everyone sang beautifully and participated actively. All of the returning kids have come such a long way, and new faces were learning new skills, both social and musical! A fabulous jam time with lots of singing meant a gorgeous end to the class. We handed out certificates and clapper instruments to all as keepsakes from their time with Rainbow Songs Foundation.

Wake up those hands

We had a more subdued group at Birkdale today, but still lots of smiles! We reviewed the days of the week and sang Put Your Finger in the Air, and I Wake Up My Hands, with delight. The instrument of the week was a set of Tingshaw Bells, and everyone really enjoyed the fun of having their chakras aligned by having the ringing bells float backward and forward over their heads. It even stirred some giggles from some of the kids. It was a big reminder to all that next week will be our final week of the session, and although disappointment was felt about the ending, there was excitement about RSF’s return in January.

Tingsha Bells

Our Favourites

Today we sang a great bunch of songs, and a lot of them were requested by the Jessie’s staff! With most of the moms out at appointments today it was mostly just me and the amazing Jessie’s staff and volunteers having a grand ol’ time with some babies. It’s so awesome that the staff and volunteers at Jessie’s are so committed to the program; they always sing the loudest (and sometimes in harmony!) and make sure to set an amazing example for the moms and babies. I loved that we had a chance to sing a lot of their favourites today!