Participate in New and Exciting Ways

Great fun was had by all this week – the ocean drum was a big hit. It was wonderful to see some of the younger babies start to participate in new and exciting ways, including clapping along and bouncing their heads to the beat. Some expecting mothers are starting to drop in; I’m always glad to have new people. Here’s hoping they come back, either next week (our last class), or for the new session. Parting is always such sweet sorrow – the babies are becoming increasingly aware of the content of the sessions, and show their displeasure when we end certain sections, and the class itself.

These guys can really play – I love this location!

Jingle All the Way!

There may not be any snow on the ground yet, but our crew of singers played to their rhythmic strengths today with lots of jingling bells! We sang some favourites today, and then took some time to make sure everyone had a set of bells to shake around while we sang songs that lend themselves to the ringing of bells, including the seasonal classic Jingle Bells. There were no one horse open sleighs to give us a lift, but everyone present still had a merry time while singing and ringing! Today was our last class before a holiday break so it was also wonderful to be able to give a couple of the moms a Rainbow Songs Foundation CD of music for their active participation over the last few weeks! Looking forward to getting back to this group again for some more great singing in the New Year!

Aha! Gotcha!

It was great to see the core group of mothers and children as well as some new faces! Our core group does a great job of setting the example – because we’re pretty far into the session, the material is slightly more advanced than might otherwise be suitable for someone who’s showing up for the first day. The confidence shown by the regular attendees bleeds over, and provides a little cover for the parents who are new and shy.

It’s interesting to watch apprehension bleed away, and see new parents catching themselves having fun. I almost want to stop and say “Aha! Gotcha!”

It’s also fun watching the babies get stronger and learn how to participate. Seeing very young children clap along for the first time is always a fantastic experience, and everyone notices and cheers.