Celebrate Good Times

This week was a little bittersweet at Redwood: we hadn’t seen one another for two weeks, but it was also our final session together (for now, at least). We didn’t let that drag us down, and our time was filled with the wonderful enthusiasm I’ve come to expect from this group! We sang through a selection of our favourite songs, and our jam became a full-blown dance party. The most anticipated part of our class, though, was the parachute! It’s become the absolute favourite here. In the end there were hugs and smiles: who could ask for anything more?

Jump Around!

Our group at Redwood was full of their usual energy, and we wasted no time putting it to good use. We jumped as bunnies; we jumped as monkeys; we jumped as sailors. We were even jumping around as elephants! We finally got the jumps out of our system to gather around and learn about playing the spoons, which turned out to not just be for soup after all!


Drumming up some fun!

On a suggestion from one of our moms last week, I brought in a drum called the doumbek. We learned about the different ways to play it, and then we passed it around. As everyone took their turn playing, we all danced to the fun new rhythms they were creating. Both grown ups and smaller friends got involved! It was really great to see everyone getting involved and having fun!


Dancin’ Feet

Everyone was ready for fun today, so we got our bodies moving as much as possible. We had our hands up in the air and down on the floor, clapping and waving, as well as our feet stomping and dancing around! That got the jiggles out so that we could sit and learn about the shruti box, which everyone was very keen to look at and use to build different chords. Some of the older children were helping the smaller ones move the stoppers to make new and exciting sounds together.

sruti box

Back In Action

We came back this week, and it was so exciting! There were lots of new friends to meet, and everyone was full of energy, ready to sing and dance. We had the most rousing version of Old MacDonald, plus all of our sillies got shaken around, but the biggest squeals and giggles came out with the parachute – there’s no substitute for that kind of fun! I’m really looking forward to what the rest of our sessions will bring.

So Long, Farewell

This was our final session at Redwood ahead of the winter holiday season, and we really made the most of it. We sang through some requests and had a lot of jumping and dancing – it’s what this group does best! We made sure to leave enough time for extra parachute play this week, and everyone had lots of fun taking turns shaking it and going underneath!

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Our group had its normal exuberance today, but there was one small friend who had tried our class before but found it stressful to be in the room. Today, we discovered a way to include them: through a window! Our small friend discovered that they were able to hang out with mum just on the other side of the glass in another room and still bop and clap and actually enjoy music time. We were so happy to find a way to have them participate!

Spoonfuls of Giggles

Our instrument this week wasn’t exactly an instrument… it was the spoons! Our kids were instant pros, and even our grown-ups were getting into it. And it was very fitting, as we had a request for a song about food right off the top! As usual, there was a lot of jumpin’, and a-shakin’, and a-dancin’ with our energetic group, but we got the most giggles out of parachute time when everyone grabbed on and shook it with everything they had!