Little Green Frogs

We sang lots of songs with our energetic group today, but Little Green Frog came out as one of the favourites, with eyes blinking shut, tongues sticking out, hands clapping, and arms waving! Our group also made for some really excellent sleeping bunnies, who turned out to be really excellent hopping bunnies, too! Our Instrument of the Week was the spoons, and the kids did a great job of listing ways we usually use spoons, and then learning that we can also use them to make music!


Instrument Bag!

Our first class back at Jessie’s Centre in a little while was a good one. One of our keen participants knew what was in my large black bag and kept pointing to it and implying that we should open it up. After many failed attempts to have her sit with us in the circle, we decided to mix things up a bit! Instead of getting out the instruments from the instrument bag at the end of class, we got them out at the beginning and opened things up with some jamming!

What Are You Wearing?

We have been singing about colours each week for a little while now, especially since most of our regular crew of participants are at the age when they are beginning to learn, recognise, and point out colours. We had a few much smaller participants this week, but singing about colours was still a great joy for us! The moms of our wee ones held up their babies if they were wearing the colours we sang about so that they were right in on the action, too! It was wonderful!

New Faces

It was lovely to have the opportunity to step in to lead music at Rosalie Hall. The mothers who participated in the program were a bit shy with me at first, but after a few songs they relaxed more and we really got going. Lots of participation from the moms, including one who brought her week old baby out – never too young to develop a love of music, right?


We had a special set of instruments this week, which the kids were a bit confused by at first! Seeing a set of spoons with a funny handle attaching them caught the interest of our little ones, but you could see their confusion about what they were supposed to do with them. Once I did a little demonstration, though, they were giggling and eagerly anticipating their turn to rhythmically tap the spoons on their laps!