Gettin’ in the Groove

We had a great time getting into the groove both musically and in terms of the structure of our class today! Some of the members of our class had a hard time sitting for the first bit, so we brought in lots of standing and moving songs. However, sitting for the Instrument of the Week and our jam time was no trouble at all! Our group was right into making their own sounds and music!

Maracas are for Shaking

We started off in a circle, welcoming back our participants with some familiar songs such as Wake Up My Hands, Old MacDonald, and B-I-N-G-O. The children took turns clapping and making animal sounds, and when we were nice and warmed up we stood up for a good movement set, including The Hokey Pokey, and Shoo Fly, before ending with a super fun jam session. Some kids were very excited to get their hands on the maracas, so I reminded everyone that maracas were for shaking and we played some shaking songs to reinforce it.