Cheeks, Toes, Ears, Nose

This week we had a small group made up of our youngest singers, so we focused a lot of our singing on songs that involve singing about and pointing to different parts of our bodies. It’s always really exciting when young ones who have been participating for a number of weeks suddenly “get it” and go from mostly observing to enthusiastically pointing to their noses, ears, cheeks, toes, heads, eyes, knees, and so on!

Walk and Stop!

One of our favourite active songs with this group is when we sing “Well you walk, and you walk, and you walk, and you STOP!” Our group is great at walking around, and are always keen to STOP at just the right time (and giggle!). We also did some tiptoeing, marching, and gliding, and it’s great to see the kids learn how to use their bodies in different ways as we move to the beat of our song!

Gettin’ in the Groove

We had a great time getting into the groove both musically and in terms of the structure of our class today! Some of the members of our class had a hard time sitting for the first bit, so we brought in lots of standing and moving songs. However, sitting for the Instrument of the Week and our jam time was no trouble at all! Our group was right into making their own sounds and music!