The Music Program Overview

Program objective:

To provide a music program free of cost to parents and children ages 0-5 staying in shelters and government-supported housing communities around the City of Toronto.

Benefits to participants:

Music builds community, stronger families and stronger children:  Rainbow Songs classes focus on families making music together.  New mothers learn to communicate musically with their children. Children develop cognitive, logical, social, gross and fine motor skills in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Each class meets once per week for 40 minutes over a ten week period. In these classes participants learn a repertoire of 25-30 songs. This catalogue of songs provides families with material they can continue to use in their daily lives. The songs include movement, clapping, drumming and the use of a variety of instruments, to encourage literacy and numeracy.

Class overview:

  • Guitar lead instructor sits on the floor in a singing circle with children and parents
  • Plenty of movement – both sitting and standing
  • Repertoire of 25-30 songs learned over a ten week period
  • Movement, rhythm (instruments and clapping, drumming)
  • Bag of instruments to choose from and play
  • Parachute fun
  • Participation from both the children and parents is highly encouraged

It is critical that this kind of opportunity be available to diverse communities throughout Toronto, not just mid to high income neighbourhoods.  Numerous studies have shown that music is one of the best ways to stimulate language and logic skills development in the minds of children. Rainbow Songs is committed to encouraging the development of musical language for children and families.

Award winning children’s music CD accompanies the classes:  Families who participate in the classes will receive a free CD, which will function as a “curriculum” for the programs. The participants can learn the songs throughout the week, as well as after the classes have finished. Moms who come to at least 5 classes receive this CD.

Classes are taught by trained Rainbow Songs, Inc. instructors.  Programs will be planned and designed to meet the individual needs of each location.  Wherever possible, age-specific classes can be organized.