Happy Halloween!

We had a fun and productive class at Ernestine this week. All the children were ready to sing when I arrived, and were excited to show off their Halloween costumes! The Halloween theme ran throughout the class, with Creepy Crawly Spiders, and Sleeping Zombies (instead of Sleeping Bunnies). I brought the thunder-tube as a spooky surprise instrument, and after practicing sharing with the bean bag, the kids were incredibly conscientious of each other when passing around the thunder tube. I can see they’re getting much better at sharing from week to week, and are ready for even more instruments of the week.

thunder tube

Sharing is Caring

Today I challenged the kids to work on their sharing skills. They did really well. We passed around the ball, then I introduced them to the special number of the week, which we also took turns holding and passing around. Then I brought out two chime bars and had the children practice hitting to the beat of songs and passing them around the circle. I was impressed by how well they did.

Chime Bars

Great Sharing!

I showed up to the shelter to a very excited group today. Unfortunately, some of the kids were being a bit rowdy beforehand and had been put in time out by the time I arrived, but hopefully they’ll be back and ready to sing next week. We started off with a small but attentive group of three, and people gradually filtered in as the class went on, which meant that we ended with even more energy than we started with. I brought the wooden frogs in today, and the kids not only loved them, but shared them around the circle without any fuss, allowing everyone to have a turn with them while we sang Little Green Frog, and 5 Green and Speckled Frogs.

Wooden Frog

Staying Alive

In order to keep the moms engaged today I decided to shift gears and use some familiar favourite songs during parachute time. We all enjoyed doing some disco dancing during parachute time to Staying Alive, and then flashed forward to the 1980s and shook the parachute out to Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean. I demonstrated the chime bars today, and we practiced taking turns as we passed them around while singing Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck.

Chime Bars

Small, but Mighty!

Another small but mighty class! The kids had so much energy at the start of class, so I quickly shifted gears into movements songs and we spent most of our time standing up! Once I got them to focus I had them sit and really exercise their patience by bringing out the ball, the number of the week, and the instrument of the week, as we practiced our sharing! We had an extra long jam session, and I could see the parents really enjoying themselves as well. We’re on the verge of families attending for their 3rd time, so I really hope the CD gets them excited about the classes to come!