How We Started – The History of RSF

2001 – Mike Whitla (currently the director of Rainbow Songs Inc. and board member of RSF) began running family oriented music programs at Robertson House Shelter with funding from the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre.

2005 – 2006 – Rainbow Songs Inc. partnered with the City of Toronto through the Live With Culture initiative to provide family music programs at five GTA shelters as part of the Arts in the Hood program:

  • Robertson House (participation: 35 families)
  • Red Door Shelter (participation: 23 families)
  • Jessie’s Centre for Teenage Moms (participation: 25 families)
  • Family Shelter (participation: 35 families)
  • Beatrice House (participation 30 families)

2007 – Rainbow Songs Foundation was established as an independent not-for-profit entity to sustain and enrich the Shelters Program with participatory family music programs.  RSF ran its first series of weekly programs as an independent entity for families at the Red Door Shelter.

2008 – In January, RSF applied for Charitable Status; RSF ran an eight week music program at Robertson House and a ten week music program at Robertson House.

May 2008 – RSF awarded Charitable Status!