Board of Directors

Rainbow Songs Foundation is seeking new members on its Board of Directors.

The eight-member Board of Directors oversees Rainbow Songs Foundation (RSF) day-to-day operations, fundraising, communications, and marketing. Working closely with the Board of Directors, the RSF Office Manager puts music programming and Board plans into action. RSF is seeking Board candidates with strong leadership, communications and teamwork skills who are dedicated to RSF’s mission and have expertise in areas including communications, PR, marketing, fundraising, and management.

Board members will attend 6 in-person Board meetings per year and will contribute approximately 6-8 hours per month outside of these meetings. Board members will work with the team on an as-needed basis in the manner of in-person, phone or email communications throughout the year.

If you would like to apply, please send your letter of interest and resume to before July 15, 2017

  • Leslie Nicholson – President
  • Michael Lewin – Treasurer
  • Caroline Gesualdi – Chair, Events
  • Nancy Collett – Chair, Fundraising
  • Sherry Lin – Chair, Programs
  • Sean Schurr – Chair, Technology