We’re Back!

After a bit of a hiatus, the children and parents at Robertson House were excited to have us back to finish off the session. As soon as we started singing the Hello song, participants eagerly joined in. It was especially nice to see some of the moms and kids working together to try and play our instrument of the week, the Balinese gong. Another successful session at Robertson House! I was so glad to be a part of it!


So Long, Farewell

This was our final session at Redwood ahead of the winter holiday season, and we really made the most of it. We sang through some requests and had a lot of jumping and dancing – it’s what this group does best! We made sure to leave enough time for extra parachute play this week, and everyone had lots of fun taking turns shaking it and going underneath!

What Are You Wearing?

We have been singing about colours each week for a little while now, especially since most of our regular crew of participants are at the age when they are beginning to learn, recognise, and point out colours. We had a few much smaller participants this week, but singing about colours was still a great joy for us! The moms of our wee ones held up their babies if they were wearing the colours we sang about so that they were right in on the action, too! It was wonderful!

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Our group had its normal exuberance today, but there was one small friend who had tried our class before but found it stressful to be in the room. Today, we discovered a way to include them: through a window! Our small friend discovered that they were able to hang out with mum just on the other side of the glass in another room and still bop and clap and actually enjoy music time. We were so happy to find a way to have them participate!

New Faces

It was lovely to have the opportunity to step in to lead music at Rosalie Hall. The mothers who participated in the program were a bit shy with me at first, but after a few songs they relaxed more and we really got going. Lots of participation from the moms, including one who brought her week old baby out – never too young to develop a love of music, right?