C’est l’Halloween

Because Halloween is going to happen before we see each other again, we sang all about it together tonight! There were pumpkins, and witches, and spiders – oh my! – but they were definitely of the silly variety. Between the tickling, clapping, and dancing, actual Halloween night is going to have a lot to live up to. I hope it’s warm, safe, and as fun filled as our class was!

Increasing numbers!

I had some more new children and moms join our group today at Jessie’s Centre. We beat last week’s attendance again which was wonderful to see. There were some older children who were able to manipulate the Instrument of the Week themselves. I demonstrated the rainstick and everyone got really quiet and enjoyed that moment of silence as we listened to the dried beans shift from side to side as we tipped the rainstick over. The kids and caregivers were all fascinated by it.

rain stick

Party Animals!

Our class was high energy this week, so we channelled it all into becoming all kinds of different animals: monkeys jumping on beds, sleeping bunnies waking up to hop around, silly donkeys, and a trip to Old MacDonald’s farm! Everyone was enthralled by the vibraslap that I brought in, and turned into a difficult but, ultimately, lovely exercise in sharing – I was very proud of them all!


One By One

This week’s class at Rosalie Hall was lots of fun. Participants had a great time reviewing our previous rendition of Love Grows and working on the actions for the lyrics “one by one, two by two, and four by four.” It’s great to see the parents emphasizing the actions as they sing. We seem to have some great singers in the class! We also had a great time celebrating the first birthday of one girl in the class. Looking forward to the rest of the session!

Dance Around!

This week’s class at Robertson House welcomed some eager newcomers, as well as some former participants. I always enjoy seeing the excitement in the young ones as they hear the Hello song for the first time, and happily join in. It was also exciting to see new parents clapping along with their young ones for the first time with Rainbow Songs Foundation. Parents and young ones had a great time dancing around during our lively rendition of What Are You Wearing? Looking forward to more great classes.

The best class I have ever taught!

I have worked with children and caregivers at Jessie’s Centre on and off for the past few years. This was the best class that I have ever had by far today. I had more moms come and participate with their kids and everyone was really into the class. I had a Latin day theme, showing them the agogo bell and having them play it while we listened to Latin music. We even did some Latin dancing and everyone seemed to really enjoy the different music and beats.


Aaaaaannnnd Action!

Today’s class at Rosalie Hall was a lot of fun. Though a few babies were offsite with other family members, their moms decided to come anyway which was great. Throughout the class, I reminded the participants of the importance of actions while singing. Actions help to reinforce the lyrics of the song and encourage our babies to develop communication skills faster. After hearing this, our moms and staff really made an effort to learn every action to the songs we covered; this was great to see!