This week we had a big crew of 1-2 year olds. The nice part about this is that all our music can be catered to that age group! We spent a lot of time singing with our hands today – Open ‘Em, Shut ‘Em; Hands Together, Hands Apart; Sticky Sticky Bubblegum, and more! The lovely thing about this age range is that as they get to know the songs and actions, you can see their participation increase each week as they become more familiar; I’m already looking forward to seeing these little ones get more musical with their hands over the coming weeks!


This week’s class at Rosalie Hall saw a much better turnout than our first class. It’s good to see the moms beginning to come out of their shells a bit. Some evidence of this was during our All The Babies Love Bananas song, when they happily yelled out “bananas” in our call and answer section. It was also great to see the babies reacting to the music either with smiles or movement. It seems to make the moms quite happy to see their babies enjoying the class. Looking forward to next week’s class!

We All Love Bananas and Sharing!

This week’s class at Robertson House was a hit! We had a great turnout and our moms really seem to be more engaged than ever. The young ones’ sharing skills have shown great improvement thanks to the help of the moms in the group. The group had a great time singing All The Children Love Bananas as we practiced our clave rhythm on the clave sticks. It was great to see the moms really getting involved when it was time to pass the clave sticks to the next child during the song. This has proven to be a tricky task in the past but has become much simpler with help from the moms. Looking forward to more sharing next week!


We’re Back

Our first class back at Rosalie Hall was more of a private lesson for one mom and her baby. Our one mom was happy to be singing with us and was eager to tell us that she had been singing Grand Old Duke of York at home with her baby. It was nice to hear that participants from the last session had taken songs they learned and applied them to home life. We spoke about ways to ensure there would be more participants in the weeks to come and I am hopeful this will be the case.

Bang the drum!

We had a mostly returning crowd this week, so we spent some time really getting into the rhythm of things. We learned to find the rhythm and song in each of our names, beating it out on the drums, then took turns passing the big drum around the room as we sang out a silly name game with lots of laughs and shrieks of delight as we started each new round. It was a bang on time!

Big Crowd!

Birkdale is a new location for me, so I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but every moment was wonderful! We had 26 kids between the ages of 1 and 6, most of them being around 2. They were probably the most engaged and eager participants I’ve ever experienced with Rainbow Songs Foundation! We did lots of songs with animals sounds, counting, clapping rhythms and a great jam time (fortunately there were enough instruments for everyone!) A great first day!

Babies on the Bus!

Our first class back at Robertson House for the season was a great success! We had a great turnout and parents and kids were very well engaged. It was great to see some familiar faces as well as some newcomers. One boy who was a regular attendee during the spring session made sure we didn’t miss the “babies on the bus go wah wah wah” verse of Wheels On The Bus. As soon as it felt like the song was going to end, he shouted, “what about the babies?!” We happily obliged! Looking forward to a great session!