It’s A Party!

Our last class at Robertson House was a great success! There were many new families in attendance, as well as some familiar faces. For the first portion of class, we went over some of the “hits” such as Roly Poly and Sticky Sticky Bubblegum. These songs also served as great examples of the Rainbow Songs Foundation spirit for those who were in attendance for the first time. After some singing, movement, and jamming, the class turned into a celebration. Baked treats were served, along with some fruit, and a few of the kids danced to music playing over the stereo. Overall the session was a great success. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves, and the moms had great things to say about their experience. One mom, who was pregnant at the start of the session and attended even before her baby was born, said the whole session was a really great experience. I felt privileged to have helped her introduce music into her son’s life. Another mom commented that she wants Rainbow Songs Foundation back for two days a week! I was glad to hear such great feedback. Hopefully we will bring music to Robertson House again soon.

Steel Pan Fun!

This week’s class at Robertson House was well attended and very fun! The grown-ups and kids had a laugh trying to figure out which song I was playing on the Steel Pan Drum. Once they figured out that it was Hands Together, Hands Apart they all joined in with lyrics and actions. The kids also got a real kick out of trying out the drum as we passed it around. Great class!

Steel Pan

Goodbye, My Friends!

We had a smashing last class at Birkdale today. A fairly good turnout, with both new and familiar faces joining in. We had a few requests from the crowd, and everyone sang along and seemed to really have fun. Our instrument of the week was the Shruti Box, for which all of the kids had a great time choosing notes to build very interesting sounding chords. Lots of moms were there for the entire class again this week, which made it an extra special last class. I handed out certificates and clappers, and everyone cheered for each other. We all wished each other a very nice Summer.

sruti box

Last Dance

With summer coming up, this was our last chance to all be together making music, and we really made the most of it! Lots of dancing around to all the songs, more dancing throughout the jam, and seriously sweet moves during parachute. It was a great way to celebrate all of the great music we’ve been making together!

New Faces, Good Old Times

This week’s class at Robertson House saw some turnover, with new faces joining the class. As a couple of families have left Robertson House, some have also arrived and were excited to be singing and dancing. It was great to see one boy, who was rather shy at first, open right up over the course of the class. Music seemed to really put him at ease in his new environment. His mom was also clapping and singing along, which was great to see! Looking forward to more great classes!

Sing with the Bowls

It was a great pleasure teaching class at Birkdale today. I’ve seen a lot of the children come a long way – skills continuously improving in the areas of social and musical abilities. Keeping the beat, sharing well, playing instruments properly and with a cohesive tempo, are all examples of skills I saw in many of the Birkdale children today. Our instrument of the week was the singing bowls from Tibet, which a few of the kids were able to operationalize with little to no adult help. Everyone is really coming a long way!

Singing Bowl

New friends, familiar songs

Lots of new faces in class at Birkdale today! We stuck with the classics to introduce new kids and moms to the program. Lots of moms stayed for class today, which was really lovely, and made the class that much more fun. Instrument of the week was the Glockenspiel, and the kids had a great time passing it around and trying it. I reminded everyone that next week is our last class for the Spring session, and encouraged all the moms to attend the class again next week for the goodbye ceremony.

Chime Bars