Mrs. Turtle’s Debut!

We had a smashing fun Animal Week at Birkdale today. Although only one family participated, both kids had a tremendous time with their mom, the staff and me. Mrs. Turtle (our soft, snuggly, turtle puppet) came to visit with the song Turtle in My Shell, and she was a big hit with the little ones. We sang Listen to the Water, went for a lap ride with Donkey Riding, and moved around the room to Elephants Marching. Momma Frog and the entire frog family (our Instrument of the week – the Thai Wooden Frogs) came along for a visit as we sang Little Green Frog. Our jam songs were also animal themed, and everyone had a fabulous time.

Wooden Frog

Full House!

We had a dozen babies/toddlers and their mothers for class this week! This made for a great atmosphere, with everyone singing and really getting into the class. Everyone enjoyed passing around the wooden frogs for our Instrument of the Week, and I couldn’t help but bring out I Feel Good for our jam… That’s just how I felt!

Wooden Frog

Maracas are for Shaking

We started off in a circle, welcoming back our participants with some familiar songs such as Wake Up My Hands, Old MacDonald, and B-I-N-G-O. The children took turns clapping and making animal sounds, and when we were nice and warmed up we stood up for a good movement set, including The Hokey Pokey, and Shoo Fly, before ending with a super fun jam session. Some kids were very excited to get their hands on the maracas, so I reminded everyone that maracas were for shaking and we played some shaking songs to reinforce it.


New Friends

This Wednesday was my very first day at Jessie’s Centre! I was very excited to meet everyone, and they were all so welcoming. We sang through a lot of all-time favourites, with particular enthusiasm and dancing for Hands Together, Hands Apart. When it was jam time, I was lucky to have one little friend who knew the ropes show me where the instruments live and how to get them out! It was such a lovely day, we had to mirror that in our jam of You Are My Sunshine, ending in a few extra snuggles. I look forward to getting to know everyone even better over the coming weeks!

Mi Cabasa Es Su Cabasa!

Lots of smiles and dancing at this week’s Robertson House class! The kids and parents loved passing around the Cabasa percussion instrument. It was awesome to watch them figure out the tricks of playing the Cabasa. Once they had it, they were eager to show off their new skill. They were also so great at sharing it around the circle – no tears! Such a great energy in the class, especially from the moms who were more involved than ever. Can’t wait for the remaining classes!


Prepping Animals!

Today at Birkdale we did a little prep for Animal Week! When class resumes in two weeks, we’ll be able to sing lots of fun songs that match the Animal Week theme. We had a medium sized group today, welcoming new friends and familiar faces. The Instruments of the Week were the Boomwhackers, which really showcased some of the kids’ talents with rhythm and pitched percussion. A very fun time was had by all!



We had a great jam session today! Some of our participants were a bit sad that their moms had to leave for other appointments, so we had a bit of a slow start, but by the time we jammed everyone had completely perked up and were ready to play their instruments loudly! We sang a number of songs, but the highlights were Rockin’ Robin and Twist & Shout.