Last week we sang All the Babies Like Bananas for the first time in quite a while, and because it was such a hit we sang it again this week! That got us all talking about how much babies really DO love bananas, so we sang Day Oh, just to get another song in there about the much-loved fruit. Besides everyone enjoying banana songs, our little ones were particularly into the parachute this week! One little guy can stand unsupported now and loved reaching up to try and grab the parachute as it came down towards him.

I Can’t Fly… But I Can Sure Have Fun!

Finally blessed with a beautiful day, we had a great group of participants. We broke the ice with some of our first timers with classic favourites like Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald before getting the group up and moving to I Can’t Fly and The Hokey Pokey. We had a great jam session with Mama Don’t Allow and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, before bringing out the parachute.

Spring Fever!

Though it’s still cold outside, there was some spring fever in Jessie’s Centre – we had a large group that was so full of life and excitement today! We sang lots of songs, and I introduced a couple that we hadn’t sung in quite a while, our favourite being All the Babies Like Bananas. We also sang Some Like it Hot, and worked it up so we could sing it together in two parts – it sounded amazing!

All Smiles

The children, grown-ups, and I, were all smiles at Birkdale today at our first class of the Spring 2016 RSF session! All returning kids and grown-ups, we had a blast with some of the usual first-day classics like Roly Poly and I Wake Up My Hands. We also had lots of fun reviewing and practicing the signs for Mr. Sun, which many of the kids are now able to sign the entire way through! Parents, kids and staff were very excited to see me, and the feeling was mutual for me as well! Our instrument of the week, straight out of the jam bag, was the tambourine. Everyone’s technique is really coming a long way.


Fresh New Faces

It was a beautiful day and the room was filled with fresh new faces. We sat in a circle in the middle of the room and the children and their parents sang their hearts out. We started with some familiar songs, including ABCs and BINGO before we stood up and danced around, while chanting a wild rendition of Five Little Monkeys. We took turns playing beats on the djembe before singing our Goodbye song.


Goodbye My Friends!

The last class of the session at Robertson House was a hit! The moms and kids had a lot of fun singing and dancing to the songs that they’ve become so familiar with these last eight weeks. It is always so nice to see the kids show big smiles when their names are called during the Hello and Goodbye songs. I can’t wait for another great session at Robertson House!

Goodbye Winter, Welcome Spring!

The weather was appropriately warm and sunny today for our last day of the winter session at Birkdale. We had a lot of fun requests, like Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, Little Green Frog and Five Little Monkeys. The final instrument of the week was the ever-mesmerizing Shruti box, which all the kids really enjoyed exploring. Kids had an especially great time during the jam and the parachute. All participants were happy and excited to receive certificates and clappers during the certificate ceremony.

sruti box