Open ‘Em, Shut ‘Em

We had an absolute blast at Birkdale today. A lot of the usual children were in attendance, with some new faces, too! Even the newest attendee, though a bit nervous at first, had warmed up enough to help with the clean-up train after jam time, and even gave me a high five when it was time to go! We began the class with major enthusiastic giggles, induced by the peekaboo-esque Open ‘Em, Shut ‘Em. Then, the giant rainbow stretchy band got introduced for the first time to a crowd of excited participants. Boom whackers were the instrument of the week, and were also met with smiles and curiosity. At one point everyone turned their boom whacker into a pretend trumpet, which was everyone’s favourite part. We had so much fun today that even one of our very shy moms sang out loud and proud during the jam. A great class by far!


Onwards and Upwards!

The last class of the session at Robertson House was a nice close to a great session. With mostly familiar faces and some last minute new recruits, the room was filled with excitement and energy. One memorable moment was watching all the kids and some parents flailing all their limbs as well as their heads to sing and dance along with Johnny Works With One Hammer. This was a great example of the enthusiasm and dedication of each child that was seen throughout the session. It was also wonderful to see the parents being silly along with their children. Looking forward to more great sessions at Robertson House!

Up, Up and Away!

The final class at the Gooch Family Drop-In Centre last Thursday was a great closing to a very enjoyable session. Throughout the session a core group of children, parents, staff and caregivers came to sing every week. Each participant brought their own enthusiasm, personality and energy to the group. It was always a joy to stop by at Gooch each Thursday. Our last class featured a special appearance by the parachute at the end, which was a nice way to finish the session. Parents and staff threw the parachute up and down as the kids enjoyed a dance party beneath it. Here’s to another successful session at Gooch!

New Faces, Same Fun!

This week’s class at Robertson House saw some new participants join the class. One 5-year-old boy in particular seemed very apprehensive at first when brought in by his mom. As soon as the music started he joined right in with a huge smile on his face and continued to do so for the entire class. Of course, former participants were their usual energetic selves. It was so fun to see a row of 2-3 year old girls dancing and singing together with such enthusiasm for most of the opening songs. Looking forward to our grand finale next week!

Hello, Little Animals, Hello!

We had an exhilarating Animal Week at Birkdale today. With most of the usual children in attendance, everyone was very excited for the “animalistic” special day. The usual favourite,Little Green Frog, got lots of laughs and enjoyment, especially with our special Animal Instrument of the Week, a family of Thai Wooden Frogs who travelled all the way from Thailand this morning to join our class! What a fun class!

Wooden Frog

Last day!

It was my last day for this session at North York Women’s Shelter, so we made sure to get in all our favourite songs! My personal favourite with the group has been Walk, Walk, Stop. I love when I sing “stop” and we all freeze in silly positions – it’s incredibly fun (and hard not to laugh at some of the faces that are made!) We also played with the frogs as our special instruments of the week, which were a huge hit! I will certainly miss playing with that group of kids and moms each week!

Wooden Frog

Slap on the ground!

It’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to watch the babies at Jessie’s Centre grown and change and develop. Many of them are between four and 12 months old, so every week there are new changes in them. The past couple weeks we’ve had a little guy discover his love for slapping his hands on the floor. We do a lot of Roly Poly and Hands Together, Hands Apart at Jessie’s, but even more so recently, just so this little one will have the opportunity to smile big and slap on the floor along with the rest of us!

Fantastic Frog Faces!

This week’s class at Robertson House was so energetic and fun! With so many participants, it was bound to be a rambunctious class. One particularly memorable moment was watching all the young ones working so hard to scrunch their faces up for the Little Green Frog song, then enthusiastically sticking their tongues out on the beat. It’s so great to see kids and parents really following along and putting their all into it. Looking forward to more great classes!

Sunny Day!

We had a very sunny morning at Birkdale, with exciting songs and smiling faces. As it often does, Little Green Frog got lots of giggles from kids and grown-ups alike. Without a cloud in the sky, or in our hearts, we simulated a rain storm by making rainy sounds with our hands, mouths, and the floor. We had a little help from one of our instruments of the week – the rain stick. We also had accompaniment from the xylophone to sing Thunder Pounding. Each child got a few turns on both instruments, and didn’t want to put them away! Lots of fun throughout the jam and parachute time, with squeals of delight!

rain stick