Little Spooky, Little Silly!

Last week’s class at Gooch was a Halloween hoot! I was dressed as a construction worker and was joined by all sorts of witches and other silly characters. We had so much fun stirring up our witches stew and throwing all sorts of ingredients in! The kids also enjoyed a special Halloween version of Roly Poly, which ended with a big, scary “BOO!” I wish every week were Halloween!

Dynamic Dazzlers

Yesterday’s class at Robertson House was a dazzle to the eyes. The kids were so engaged with the music right off the top of the class. They did a great job of playing along with certain dynamics during songs (i.e. switching between soft and loud). They also had a great time trying to count 8 beats in time, first really slow, then really fast. I was so impressed with the focus. I’m looking forward to more great classes!

Ten Little Pumpkins

We were back up to our usual big, exciting class size today at Birkdale, with 10 children joining in to sing all about Halloween. We sang all of my favourite Halloween songs, including The Very Scary Spider, I’m Dressing Up For Halloween, and Five Little Pumpkins. Funny sounds and funny faces got lots of laughs. Our instrument of the week was the Cabasa, which we passed around and played as the “ch-ch-ch-ch” sound in Brush Your Teeth (an important part of every child’s candy-filled Halloween!) Everyone called on The Ghostbusters during jam time, and a super fun time was had by all.


Shake It All About!

Last week’s class at the Gooch Family Drop-In Centre was a blast! It featured the Steel Pan Drum as the instrument of the week, and a lively version of The Hokey Pokey, which was enjoyed by kids and parents alike. It was great to see the children and parents getting silly together when doing The Hokey Pokey and shaking it all about! It was a great turnout, and the children seem to be more and more responsive to the class as the weeks go on.

Steel Pan

I’m in the Mood

We were all in the mood for singing as we gathered together at North York Women’s Shelter! A couple kids came in, saw me, and immediately started signing the Hello Song. It’s wonderful to work with a group of children who have so much enthusiasm! One of our jam songs was I’m in the Mood for Singing, and we replaced singing with shaking, banging and playing so that we could shake tambourines, maracas and bells, bang on our drums and play all our instruments together. We also jammed to The Alphabet Song, by request!

Getting Set for Halloween!

I was greeted by some very ghoulish decorations at Jessie’s Centre today! They have put up spider webs, purple lights, ghosts and skeletons, and some really spooky artwork! So, of course we had to make sure to sing some Halloween songs in preparation for next week. We got out our witch hats for I’m Getting Dressed for Halloween, our pumpkin fingers for 5 Little Pumpkins and our spiders for Itsy Bitsy Spider. There was some great howling today! The kids are definitely ready for October 31!

Rain and Parades!

This week’s class at Robertson House was full of rambunctious fun and peaceful reprieves. With a smaller group than previous weeks, it was much easier to keep the attention of the room. The kids and parents seemed to really love the instrument of the week, the Rain Stick. I was very impressed at how well they shared and passed it around the room. The movement songs also went over really well – it seems like we’re getting much better at making circles and parading around the room! Looking forward to more great classes.

rain stick

Feel the Rhythm

We sang our hearts out today at Birkdale to beat the crisp Autumn chill in the air. Some old classics like Hands Together and Roly Poly took us a long way. With only one attendee, we were able to really get the giggles going with funny faces made during Little Green Frog. Our instrument of the week, the Clave, was a huge hit as we experimented with various beats and finding first and secondary rhythms in familiar songs. A small but mighty group we were indeed!

Clave Sticks

Active Singing

Today I was warned that the kids were all acting a bit nutty and that they may have trouble focusing. This being the case, we focused our energies (and there was a LOT of energy!) on singing lots of active songs! We were up and down and all around with songs like All Around the Kitchen, The Hokey Pokey, What are You Wearing, Johnny Works with One Hammer, and perhaps most importantly, Sleeping Bunnies. We sang three rounds of Sleeping Bunnies and probably could have done three more from all the hop, hop, hopping that was going on in that room! A great class with great energy!

Little Bunnies

Last Thursday’s class at Gooch was a ball of positive energy! With a great turnout from both kids and parents, the group was as lively as could be. The kids really enjoyed warming up with Roly Poly, and especially loved hopping around the room like little bunnies – a great way to get their energy out! It was also great to see the parents really joining in when we moved around the room. Looking forward to more great classes!