Old and New

Today was a nice mix of familiarity and leaning new songs. It was our second last class together and we sang some songs requested by the students – starting with Shut the Door and later, Five Little Pumpkins. We stayed “out of sight” for Turtle in My Shell, and that led us into a medley of animal songs, including Little Green FrogFive Green and Speckled Frogs, Crocky Crocodile, Baby Shark, Minnows, and more. We danced to Shoo Fly, and everyone showed off their best strut for All Around the Kitchen. As always, the jam and parachute brought out lots of exuberance in the children, with everyone sounding particularly wonderful while singing You Are My Sunshine. I am looking forward to the last class next week, but I will miss the energy and enthusiasm of these families once the session is over.

So Demanding

So demanding. Either that, or the children were using ESP to read my set list. Before we started, one child asked for a “yucky” song, so we sang Sticky Bubble Gum. Another asked for a silly song, so we sang Mama Don’ Allow, with the requisite warning. We also took flight — Two Little Blackbirds, Alouette – and decided to take a ride because The Train is a-Comin’. Then one young gentleman thought he could sing Head and Shoulders faster than me. But worry not, the champ is still undefeated!

Parachute Party!

This week’s class had a great turnout and was a lot of fun. We mostly sang songs about animals to reflect Rainbow Songs’ celebration of animal week. A definite hit was the Sleeping Bunnies song, during which the only two year old in the class busted out some pretty impressive dance moves. The children were also mesmerized by the parachute flying up and down above them to the tune of Rockin’ Robin. Looking forward to another great class!

Hot Potatoes and Bean Bags

This week’s class at Beatrice House was a load of fun. What started as a small class quickly grew into a large group of many ages. The group showed excellent sharing skills when passing the bean bag from person to person, and got very excited when passing the bean bag turned into a game of hot potato. We also had a lot of fun playing with this week’s instrument of the week – the wooden frogs. I look forward to next week’s class!

Wooden Frog

Dancing Day

Gooch, as usual, brought an active and large group with a variety of ages and a penchant for dancing! We did lots of action songs as we sang through daily activities. Johnny Works with One Hammer put us to sleep, and then we woke up again through song, brushed our teeth, Shut the Door (a participant request), and went to The Corner Grocery Store. Big kids jumped high and little kids went for rocket ship rides while we danced to Zoom Zoom Zoom. We washed off the moon dust with Bathtime, and stayed asleep after the bath to become Sleeping Bunnies. Everyone let loose in a high energy jam (kids and grown ups both enjoyed Hot! Hot! Hot!) and finally a gleeful round of parachute. I look forward to the remaining sessions with this spirited group at Gooch.

Small, But Mighty

Class yesterday at Jessie’s Centre, though more like a private lesson, was a success. We had only one baby with her mom, but two staff members were also very involved and enthusiastic. The mom who was there with her daughter was very involved and attentive, which was nice to see. Her daughter was mesmerized by the guitar, as always, and seemed to be engaged throughout the songs and activities.

Reunion at Gooch

I was so happy to be back at Gooch after being away sick! It felt like a joyous reunion, with some of the students literally putting the guitar in my hands because they were enthusiastic about hearing it. We did lots of active songs with actions and the children enjoyed choosing animals for Old MacDonald. Everyone singing along to In the Jungle ended the jam with a feeling of positive community that I look forward to returning to next week.

Rockin’ Robins

Class today at Jessie’s Place was so much fun. It was a small group of mostly babies and staff, but everyone was very eager to participate. A definite highlight was the final jam of Rockin’ Robin. All the participants were jamming along, when all of a sudden we looked over and the kitchen staff were dancing and singing along across the room. The staff (kitchen included) brought a great energy to the class as did the parent who joined us. I’m looking forward to more Wednesdays like this!

An Intimate Feel

A quiet class at Robertson House this evening, but I led it with an intimate feel and gave lots of attention to each of the two children. Everyone had lots of fun scraping the guiro, our instrument of the week. We put a band together during the jam by singing Old McDonald Had A Band, which was a great way to review instruments in the bag. We ended class with a spicy feel – some Latin music for the children to dance to underneath the parachute.