Keep It Positive

This evening’s class was a bit more challenging than usual. The moms were the quietest they’ve ever been, and a couple boys were running around playing with cars a lot of the time. Nonetheless, I did my very best to stay positive and tried varying activities to meet the needs of the group. It all came together at the end when the little ones danced underneath the parachute and showed off their moves.

Earth Week Fun

Class was smaller and intimate today for Earth Week. I took the moms through a journey with rain, sunshine, growth and some eco-friendly rides. Everyone had a lot of fun experimenting with the thunder tube and rain stick that were the instruments of the week. The jam had a bright note with I Can See Clearly Now, and You Are My Sunshine.

A Hero’s Welcome

There’s nothing like getting a hero’s welcome as soon as you get out of the car – from the staff – and the ten children and six parents were equally as welcoming. It’s great to be back at Birkdale for another session!

We sang Sticky Bubble Gum, The Belly Button Song, Tickle Song, and All the Nations Like Bananas. We also got ready for Earth Week by singing Trees Need the Sun, and Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. The children clicked away on the claves, our instrument of the week. And, as usual, the parachute drew screams of delight from the children. Looking forward to more silliness next week.

Mighty and Musical

Our class at Gooch today was smaller than last week, but mighty and musical! The smaller group allowed the toddlers to really shine, and more space for all of the kids to stretch their dancing legs. We had a special guest taking photographs and it was hilarious to watch the kids either notice or not notice the photography, and sometimes ham it up for the camera. A highlight was at the end of the class when a participant grabbed a grownup’s smartphone and held it to her eye like a camera/telescope – with her eye “looking” into the part of the phone that we usually speak into! For most of the class, however, the kids hardly noticed the camera because they were so engaged by the songs and instruments. We walked (and stomped, and tiptoed, and twirled, and danced)… and stopped! … our way around the circle. The children were all excited to learn about the tambourine, and jam time felt like a joyous moment for both children and adults to express themselves freely along with the music and together with one another. I love seeing how happy the grownups get during jam time, although of course the kids usually steal the show with their unabashed musical exploration, or sometimes just pausing and looking at me studiously. The kids were delighted to have parachute play to end the class, and we sang Goodbye to each child individually. Until next time…!

New Beginnings

Our first class together at Gooch was busy and active, with lots of babies, toddlers, and kids with their parents or grandparents! It was great to meet everyone and to see lots of smiling, singing faces around me – sometimes dancing around me! The parents in attendance were having a great time too, and during the jam at the end it was great to see the kids moving to the music and trying out all sorts of new instruments. Watching the children explore making music was one of my favourite parts, although their enthusiastic performance of Roly-Poly near the beginning of class also won me over from the start. I look forward to a great session at Gooch!

Welcome and Welcome Back

Today’s class involved a couple of regular participants and a couple new participants! Unfortunately, one of our new participants was upset to see her mom leave, but would calm down whenever we sang – it was in the moments between songs that she would start crying again! Fortunately, we were able to flow from one song to the next quite quickly and keep her engaged with the music and actions. And, as usual, the parachute was a big hit with everyone!