Clackin’ Away

Class was pretty quiet at Robertson House this evening – I think everyone was outside enjoying the heat wave. Nonetheless, class was successful and we had fun singing songs like I Shut the Door, Put Your Finger In the Air, and Sticky Sticky Bubblegum. At the end of class the moms were happy to receive certificates of completion (some for the second time) and the little ones loved clacking away with the clackers. I hope to be back at Robertson House in the spring!


Today had the potential to be a small class; we started with one toddler and a sleepy infant. But as our class went on, a number of moms came for some drop-in time at Jessie’s Centre, and each one who came in was invited to join us in our song circle. We had a great time singing today, and got a lot of practice with the Hello Song as we sang it upon the arrival of each new participant! We were excited to welcome 3 new moms and their babies!

Coming Together

This week’s class at Robertson House was a bit unusual. Some moms were in and out and children were wandering around the room. The age of the children also ranged from about 5 weeks to 5 years, so I attempted various activities to reel everyone in. Luckily, it all came together during the jam with a very spirited version of Down in the Valley. My favourite part was the 5 year old girl rockin’ out on a little drum playing all kinds of rhythmic fills! I was very impressed. We’ll see how the session wraps up next week.