Guitar-Loving Toddlers

We had two eager “guitar” players in class today! Our two guitar-loving toddlers each got to hold their own ukuleles and “strum along” to the songs. It was entertaining for all the grown-ups to watch them strum, then try to balance the guitar on their laps so they could also do the actions, then go back to strumming. One of our regular smaller ones really got into things today and bobbed her head along to the beat. Seeing such small kids with an innate sense of rhythm is so cool!

Hello, hello, hello!

Today I was greeted by a very enthusiastic toddler. She has been coming to the drop in centre with her mom for a while now, and today was the first time we could really see how singing with the Rainbow Songs Foundation has impacted her. From the moment I entered the room she was sitting in her place on the carpet, repeating “Hello, hello, hello!” over and over. Once we finally got going she was overjoyed, and the moment the Hello Song ended, she was already rolling her arms, ready to sing Roly Poly. Much of what we sang was decided by this little one as she made suggestions along the way! So wonderful to watch!

Tricky Situations

The highlight of today’s class was enjoyable, but tricky; two of our toddlers just wanted to be right beside me helping to strum the guitar! Not such a bad situation to be in, though! Eventually we found a ukulele that Jessie’s Centre owns, and one of the toddlers sat next to me and strummed along for about 1/3 of the class – there’s definitely a future Rainbow Songs instructor there!

A Fabulous Return

Today was a fabulous return to Jessie’s Centre after a fairly long hiatus. A new semester has begun and there were a number of moms, babies and staff gathered for today’s class (including a number of returning babies from last year!) Our major class highlight today was playing with the wooden frogs! They were as big a hit with the kids as they were with the moms!

Doo Doo Doo-Doo Daddy Shark

We had tons of fun singing about animals this evening for Animal Week! There was a lot of action on Old McDonald’s farm, and we were put to work with Who Fed Chickens. The sleeping bunnies woke up in time for Elephants Have Wrinkles, and to play with the wooden frog, our instrument of the week. It was so much fun that I had one boy come up to me at the end of class saying, “Listen to me – doo doo doo-doo daddy shark..doo-doo-doo. I love that song!” So do I 🙂