Musica, Musica, Musica!

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that many of the mothers and children are Spanish speakers. Through speaking with them after class (with my limited Spanish) I found out that many are from Mexico and have recently immigrated to Canada. So, I thought since we are teaching many songs in English it would be fun to learn a song or two in Spanish. Together they taught the class “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Spanish:

Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?
Me pregunto qué serás.
En el cielo y en el mar,
Un diamante de verdad.
Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?
Me pregunto qué serás.

After learning the words (and doing the signs), we continued with our regular programming with the following favourites: “What Are You Wearing?”, “Little Green Frog”, “Sleeping Bunnies” and “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” before ending the class with the parachute and a rocking jam session.


I felt we got a good balance of energy with control! Moms and children participated in every song and I was able to go into more depth with the material covered. Kristin was quick to give a hand when needed.

The class was full of returning participants and I’m so thankful to them each week for showing up. It really means a lot to me to see the moms singing and connecting with their children – taking the time to just let go and have some musical fun! I gave out a few CDs today too – another reminder of the commitment to class that the moms at Robertson House keep. I’m looking forward to next week and keeping the balanced energy going.

Hello Birkdale!

It’s great to be back at Birkdale in 2014 after a great 2013. Music was provided to over 50 adults and 100 children over the course of three sessions last year.

This year got off to a good start with 11 children and 5 adults. Several children knew the song “6 Little Ducks”, so when I was teaching it to the rest of the class they filled in the “Quack, quack, quack” part. Other songs included “Sticky Bubblegum”, “Apples and Bananas”, and “BINGO”. Everyone rocked out to “Jamaica Farewell” and enjoyed the parachute.

Go With The Flow

Wow! What a packed class today! I was unsure of what the turn out would be this week at Robertson as I was setting up, but at the last minute, the room had filled and continued to fill throughout class time. We began singing the “Hello” song and I was blown away by the fact that I could hear the participants singing much louder than me!

Energy again this week was at an all time high with the kids being super excited for class. As the weeks go by, I’m beginning to understand more and more that I need to just go with the flow at foundation classes. I was very happy about the turn out for class this week and hope Robertson House keeps it up!

Sign Language Day!

I decided to make this a sign language learning experience for the moms and children. We started off learning hello & goodbye and then went on to learn most of the animal signs. This brought us to many animal songs including: I Had a Rooster, Little Green Frog, Listen to the Water and Sleeping Little Bunnies. We then went on to learn the sign for “milk”, “more”, “please” and “thank you” and the signs for the song “The More We Sing Together”. We then went over the degrees of the scale and wrapped up the class with a fun filled jam and parachute which the younger children/babies just loved! Splitting up the age groups has made a real difference.

You Walk and You STOP

Today was the first class of the Spring session at Robertson, and we were off to a VERY energetic start. The class was pretty much full of returning moms and kids today and they all seemed very excited to be back after 2 weeks off. One new mom came with her son and it was wonderful to see him light up once the music started. My favourite part of class was when we were all walking and stopping around in the circle. Everyone was giggling and waiting in anticipation until we would sing and start moving again. The energy level was quite high today, so I’ll be keeping in mind some more focusing activities to bring in to classes. There’s a lot more time to develop and grow with the clients this session, so I’m looking forward to all it has to bring!

Spring is in the air!

We had a wonderful session at the Beatrice House tonight. Alternating groups (babies one week and children the next) has worked out really well. The classes are still big but much more manageable and the children seem to be getting more out of the program. I started off with Mr. Sun and then went onto a bunch of counting songs including: “One finger keeps moving” and “1+2+3+4”. We reviewed our scale (do, re, mi) and then went onto some standing circle songs: “Shoefly”, “Zoom, zoom, zoom” and “Walk and walk and stop”. Our class ended with the parachute (which we hadn’t done in a very long time because of the high numbers) and a fun filled jam featuring the amazing Michael on drums!

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

We had a wonderful time during today’s class! We have a couple moms who have become regulars in the class and they’re becoming more and more comfortable with singing along and really engaging their kids in the programming. It’s great to watch the babies and toddlers develop as they attend our classes, but it’s equally as wonderful to watch a transition happen in some of the moms as they begin to let loose and become more playful, comfortable and engaged in our music classes. A class favourite has become Zoom, Zoom, Zoom; the countdown from 5 to 1 and the subsequent blast off result in giggles from everyone involved! And, once again, we had some great parachute time of which one of our youngest participants has become a big fan (although between his smiles he’s also quite interested in trying to eat the parachute!).