A Full Room

Wow! What a packed class this evening! There was a lot of energy and singing. A lot of the children in class today were a bit older so they were able to do a majority of actions for songs on their own. It was great to have them singing and moving along with me. Lots of laughs today during “Baby Shark” and “Little Green Frog” song from children and mothers alike. There were also a lot of returning moms and children which was nice to see. I even gave out two CDs for moms who had already come to three classes. I was clearer with instructions at the beginning of class and encouraged as much singing as possible. I think I can still be a bit more motivating for the moms to sing, but nonetheless, today felt like a great class. I hope everyone is able to return regularly!

Provide More Directions for Caregivers

An interesting class at Robertson House this evening. A couple moms had returned with their young ones, which was nice to see, and there were some new, excited faces. A few of the children were older today and they were able to participate a lot on their own. The moms were a bit hesitant to participate and interact with them, so next week I’ll make sure to provide more direction for them. I also realized that some weeks it will be difficult to win the moms over with the Rainbow Songs program. One of the moms left in the middle of class today, saying she didn’t like it, even though her sons were really enjoying it. Then, after the standing up portion of class some of the moms left and came back in which was a bit confusing, but everyone was back by jam time. I’ll be more clear on expectations at the beginning of classes in the weeks following. Things ended on a fun note with the parachute, which everyone enjoyed. Some challenges today, we’ll see how next week goes!

Keep It Up Robertson House!

What a fun first class at Robertson House! It was my first time ever running an RSF class and I had no idea what to expect. I arrived at Robertson House and was greeted by Kristin, the staff member who will be supporting me this session, and began setting up for class. Moms began trickling in with their children, and I began to get a good feeling. The time came to start and Kristin and I encouraged the moms to come sit on the mat with their little ones and leave their cell phones aside. Everyone listened and arranged themselves accordingly. There was some crying going on from a couple children, and things started to feel a bit hectic, but as expected, once the music began everything calmed down. The children became excited and most of the moms were singing and moving along as well. “Wheels on the Bus” got everyone singing and participation was awesome for the rest of the class. Such a great, energetic start for the session, I hope Robertson House keeps it up!