Feel the Vibrations

The children trickled in slowly and we had several different hello songs to make them all feel welcome. As the group grew, so did the songs that we sang.  What started out as a quiet sing along turned into a very energetic group.  This week we explored the vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowl. The children took turns trying to produce a sound as well as feeling the strong vibrations from the bowl as it was passed around.  By the end of the session we had a big jam session and said goodbye for a little while.

There were 12 children and 9 mothers present today with one staff member on hand.  The staff was a volunteer whom I had not met before.  She helped facilitate the group and seemed to enjoy herself.  There was better than usual adult participation this week.  As many of the mothers who sometimes sit on the edge of the room brought their chairs around the circle.  It was somewhat unusual but most welcome as they sang and danced through our activities.

The group was excited when I told them that I would be returning for more music sessions beginning in October. I look forward to the fall session at Beatrice House.

Summer Singing at Birkdale

Three new children and a first time mother joined nine returnees for fun times this week.   They quickly caught up to speed and joined in singing. We had lots of fun while singing “2 Little Blackbirds”, “BINGO”, “Alice the Camel”, “6 Little Ducks”, “What Are You Wearing?”, and “You Walk, and You Stop”.  The Tibetan singing bowl fascinated everyone, and the parachute was a big hit, as usual!

Tropical Island Party

We had a wonderful time singing Island music today at Beatrice House. A nice group was gathered and waiting as I walked through the door. We sang through many tunes from the islands including “Hot, Hot, Hot” (which really seemed to get everyone going,) “Day-O,” and “Jamaica Farewell”. The children took turns trying out the Steel Pan and we had a very energetic jam session to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

The group was a great size. Though only half as many as last week, we had 13 children, nine mothers and two staff on hand. They were fairly easy to control and participated beautifully throughout.

I spoke briefly with Miriam about the fall session, and how the Jewish High Holidays fall on the second class. She assured me that we will figure out what will work best, so as to maximize the number of classes in the session.

Jump up!!

Caribbean Music week was a big hit for the eight children and one adult who attended. After grooving to “Dat is the Right Hand,” “Clap Your Hands, Now Sing 1, 2, 3,” “All de Nations Like Bananas,” and “Hot! Hot! Hot!” we laughed and danced the limbo, as well as closing out with “Hands Together, Hands Apart”. The Steel Pan created a lot of interest as our Instrument of the Week, and, of course, the parachute was even more fun with Latin and Island music.