Creating Chords Together

Well today was especially wonderful because Joel came to observe and participate in the class! He added so much to the class especially since today I almost lost my voice!! So thank you Joel for saving the day, harmonizing with me and helping me carry the tunes in such an energetic, amazing way! We had great participation from the staff, moms and babies/toddlers today and we had one new toddler who tried out the class and loved it today. I showed the Sruti Box from India as the Instrument of the Week and it was a huge hit! Everyone was into choosing one key to open or close and as a class we created a special chord together.

Flying Babies!

Today was wonderful as we had two new babies and moms join our class today! Also nice to have consistency with regular attending moms and their babies in the class. The babies had lots of energy and were smiling away during the action songs such as “Flying Babies”, “Zoom Zoom Zoom” and “The Grand Old Duke of York”. I taught everyone the proper technique of shaking maracas and they were all naturals at it. “Shake it baby Shake it” was a real hit as they got quite into the rhythm and actions of the song.